North London Project

North London
Brick Slip Masonry Support & Brick Slip Lintels

Architect PKS Architects • Contractor Relicpride

The Challenge

This North London project required exposed brick soffit detail with spans of 21m and external corners – Relicpride turned to IG Masonry Support Systems for a solution.

The Solution

Relicpride required a bespoke brick soffit solution engineered to fine tolerances. The result was an offsite solution by IG with consistent quality throughout all components. IG supplied 890mm long stainless steel units with bricks already bonded to them, suitable for a one-man installation. The lower ground floor featured a Hernin (dark) brick whereas the ground floor featured a Hoskin Bento (light) brick type. Both bricks were non-standard sizes. IG’s solution was implemented across all floors ensuring a visible 100mm brick soffit over every opening. In many cases the brick soffit detail returned around external corners which involved forming an elegant corner soffit pattern using a fabricated brick faced on 3 sides. These bespoke solutions were produced offsite and delivered direct, specific to site requirements.

Every detail on this project needed to be impeccable; that’s why we engaged with IG for their brick soffit solution.

Eamon Coyle, Director – Relicpride Building Company Ltd