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Refacing & Tinting

When the face of a brick is cut away during the production of brick specials, refacing is required. During refacing, a durable weatherproof bonding material is smoothed over the cut having previously been mixed with dyes to match the existing brick colour. This is then dusted with a grade of sand specifically selected to match the texture of the brick.

When required, our brick services team are able to pre-tint bricks to create seamless matches between new and existing brickwork. This process is carried out using a specialist dye that penetrates into the brick creating a coating which remains unaffected by any extremes of weather or sunlight. The tinted bricks are able to breathe the same way as the untreated bricks and will therefore weather at the same rate.

Expert advice is available from our team of brick cutting specialists who are on hand to discuss any specific project requirements or technical questions with you. Please call +44 (0)1283 200 157 or emailĀ


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