CPD & Specification Support

We have dedicated resources within IG Masonry Support on-hand to provide technical project support and to deliver CPD’s to Architects, Specifiers and Engineers throughout the UK, Ireland and North America which can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

The following CPD’s are available to book:

Achieving Intricate Brick Features – 60 mins

Content includes:

Brick Slip Soffit Systems
  • Comparing traditional methods of forming brick soffits with new technologies
  • Bespoke brick slip solutions that comply with Document B: Fire Safety
  • Brick slip feature arches
  • Achieving deep brick soffit details which blend seamlessly with brickwork constructed on-site.
Support of Masonry Cladding on Framed Buildings
  • Supporting masonry above horizontal movement that allows expansion and contraction between primary structure and external leaf
  • Why material selection is limited to stainless steel for masonry support systems
  • Levels of adjustability in the different systems to accommodate site tolerances
  • Designing, selecting and specifying Windposts.

CPD Webinar Series 2024

Available dates:

  • Friday 26th July
  • Thursday 29th August
  • Wednesday 25th September
  • Thursday 24th October
  • Monday 25th November
  • Thursday 19th December

This webinar contributes one point towards your annual Continuous Professional points requirement.

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Specifying Sustainability: How off-site construction and conscious material selection promotes the circular economy – 30 mins

Content includes:

  • An overview of the global challenge and the need to decarbonise our sector
  • Awareness of the sustainable benefits of off-site construction solutions
  • Awareness of sustainable materials selection to promote a circular economy
  • How the Keystone Group is proactively delivering Net Zero applications.

CPD Webinar Series 2024

Available dates:

  • Friday 2nd August
  • Thursday 5th September
  • Wednesday 2nd October
  • Wednesday 6th November
  • Wednesday 4th December
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TITAN MAX: North America - 60 mins

TITAN MAX is a high-performance masonry support system designed to give maximum adjustability onsite. Engineered to meet the industry’s demand for speed of construction, TITAN MAX is a complete off-the-shelf, lightweight stainless steel system, supplied as a full solution from IG Masonry Support. The system enables you to achieve greater thermal performance and is suitable for a wide range of cavity widths.

To explore the finer details of the TITAN MAX system, we are now offering a CPD Presentation to Architects, Specifiers and Engineers across North America.

Content includes:

  • An overview of IG Masonry Support and the wider Keystone Group
  • Awareness of the technology evolution from conventional shelf angles to our TITAN MAX solution
  • Features of masonry support and why material is limited to stainless steel for masonry support systems
  • A detailed insight into TITAN MAX, a complete off-the-shelf masonry support system
  • Awareness of other masonry support systems offered by IG Masonry Support.
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Certificates are available on completion of our CPD’s.

Jemma Ison

Specification Executive and Keystone Group Sustainability Manager

Jemma has been with the Keystone Group for five years and started her career on the Keystone Graduate Programme. Having completed the programme and developed an in depth knowledge and understanding of the construction industry Jemma settled in IG Masonry Support as a Specification Executive, providing technical project support and delivering CPD’s to Architects, Specifiers and Engineers in the UK.

Sean Herlihy

National Sales Manager - Ireland

Sean has an engineering background and started his career as a Technical Engineer within the Keystone Group after completing a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Mechanical Engineering. Sean continued to develop his specialist technical knowledge and moved into a specification role with IG Masonry Support providing technical project support and delivering CPD’s to Architects, Specifiers and Engineers in Ireland. As well as delivering CPD’s, Sean has been appointed as National Sales Manager for Ireland.