Titan System

An off-the-shelf masonry support solution providing structural engineers with an excellent alternative to Welded Masonry Support.

Titan System

Titan System

Titan is a standard stocked masonry support solution comprised of a front loaded shelf angle, brackets, lock washers, shims and bolts. This off-the-shelf masonry support solution provides structural engineers with an excellent alternative to Welded Masonry Support.

The front-fit loading of the masonry support shelf facilitates ease of installation, while the bracket system is designed to accommodate typical build tolerance on-site, ensuring accurate installations.

Standard System

There are six IG Titan Systems; Titan 4, Titan 6, Titan 8, Titan 10, Titan 12, and Titan 14. Suitable for concrete and steel framed structures, the design of these systems accommodate masonry loads of up to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14kN/m, respectively.

Standard brackets are available for cavity widths ranging from 70 to 200mm (stocked in 10mm increments). Brackets are simply changed on-site to allow for cavity variations.


Stainless steel masonry support systems support the outer leaf masonry material on steel or concrete framed structures.

Titan can support any outer leaf masonry material:

  • Brickwork
  • Fair-face blockwork
  • Rendered blockwork
  • Reconstituted stone

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Key Benefits of Titan System
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  • Quick specification using simple load/cavity charts
  • Detailed layout drawings are not required
  • Fast installation facilitated by front-loaded shelf angle
  • Increased adjustability compared to welded masonry support systems
  • Standard stock product
  • Unused components can be used on your next project or returned to stock


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