Arch Bricks

Arch bricks are used to provide both practical and aesthetic features in construction projects.

Arch Bricks

Arch Bricks

Enhance your construction projects with our arch bricks, meticulously cut to seamlessly integrate practicality and aesthetic appeal. Our offerings encompass a diverse array, including semi-circular, bullseye, segmental, and decorative arch units, each contributing to the architectural excellence we deliver. The showcased classic arch sets serve as a glimpse into the versatility of our offerings. At IG Masonry Support our commitment extends to crafting bespoke arches tailored precisely to meet your project’s unique requirements. Experience the unparalleled strength and beauty of arch bricks, arch brickwork, and brick arch solutions that redefine construction standards. Elevate your designs with our exceptional range and let us be your trusted partner in bringing your architectural visions to life.

Expert advice is available from our team of brick cutting specialists who are on hand to discuss any specific project requirements or technical questions with you. Please call +44 (0)1283 200 157 or emailĀ



AR.1 Tapered Header

Type No.ABCDIdeal Span DimensionsNo. of whole bricks (span)No. of bricks in semi-circle

AR.2 Tapered Stretcher

Type No.ABCDIdeal Span DimensionsNo. of whole bricks (span)No. of bricks in semi-circle

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