Borough Yards, London

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Borough Yards, London

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Borough Yards, London

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Borough Yards, London

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Borough Yards

The restoration and transformation of Victorian brick railway viaducts and the creation of five new buildings as part of an award-winning mixed-use development adjacent to the historic Borough Market required an exceptional level of detail and brickwork authenticity. IG Masonry Support was up for the challenge, playing a crucial role in the provision of a series of innovative brickwork solutions that successfully blend the old with the new, whilst retaining South London’s Victorian railway heritage.

Borough Yards Case Study Brochure
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Built by Wates Group for developer MARK and designed by London-based architect SPPARC, Borough Yards’ features a number of transformed and re-purposed railway arches, viaducts and warehouses along with five new buildings, that weave their way from Borough Market to Clink Street. This new shopping and dining district also includes a cinema, art gallery and two new office buildings. IG Masonry Support worked with brickwork contractor Lesterose, designing and supplying a number of complex prefabricated brickwork elements including Welded Masonry Support (WMS), Brick Slip Masonry Support and its renowned B.O.S.S.+ (Brick on Soffit System).

Project Details


SPPARC Architecture

Brickwork Contractor

Lesterose Builders Ltd

Main Contractor

Wates Group

IG Products

Brick Slip Sills

Brick Slip Masonry Support

Mechanically Fixed B.O.S.S.+

Welded Masonry Support


London, England

Borough Yards - IG Masonry Support project
Borough Yards - IG Masonry Support project
Borough Yards - IG Masonry Support project
Borough Yards - IG Masonry Support project
Borough Yards - IG Masonry Support project
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B.O.S.S A1 Brochure

B.O.S.S A1 Brochure (8.8mb)

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“The project proved to be very challenging both logistically and in design. The Lesterose team along with our preferred supply chain partners IG Masonry Support and Tellings GRC rose to the challenge and the result is a stunning project.”

Nick O’Keeffe, Director, Lesterose Builders Ltd

“We had traditional hand-laid brickwork meeting GRC panels and the IG Masonry Support systems, This involved a lot of coordination between companies to ensure the systems didn’t clash whilst also factoring compatibility and ensuring the movement from each of the systems worked.”

Carl Vulgar, Project Manager, Lesterose Builders Ltd

“The Borough Yards project provided a number of new challenges to work on, from the design of the spearheads on Building 2 to the angled soffits that we provided on Building 4 – this was far from an ‘off the shelf’ product that we would be supplying. Through working hand-in-hand with Lesterose and SPARCC, we were able to come together and achieve a high quality finish which helped nestle the buildings into the historic Borough Market surroundings. ”

Anil Mistry, Senior Project Engineer, IG Masonry Support

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