Wick Lane, London

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Wick Lane, London

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Wick Lane

Wick Lane consists of six buildings which integrate industrial and residential mixed-use space. dRMM designed the new-build properties with inspired brick detailing to capitalise on the original aesthetic of the area. IG Masonry Support provided its Welded Masonry Support, B.O.S.S. (Brick on Soffit System) and Brick Slip Columns to support the architect’s ambitions.

Now complete, the new-build development located in Hackney Wick comprises light industrial units, retail and workspace co-located with 175 homes to form a new community in an existing neighbourhood that is modelled on the distinctive Victorian warehouse aesthetic of Hackney Wick.

The original design intent for the building comprised entirely precast horizontal and vertical elements. However, the main issue with this design was weight and buildability, prompting the client to look to IG Masonry Support for a workable banding solution on this project. IG Masonry Support provided comprehensive technical support and hands-on customer service to ensure the client’s objectives were achieved.

Project Details


dRMM (de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects)

Brickwork Contractor

Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd


Taylor Wimpey

IG products

Welded Masonry Support

B.O.S.S. (Brick on Soffit System)

Brick Slip Columns



London, England

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“The dRMM team were impressed with IG Masonry Support’s service provision on Wick Lane. We required a lightweight unit which would give the aesthetic finish we wanted. IG Masonry Support were able to deliver on this. They provided us with a modular design that was very easy to install, improving buildability on this project.”

Will Howard, Senior Associate, dRMM

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