Private Residence Berkshire
Brick Slip Masonry Support, B.O.S.S & Brick Slip Lintels

Private Dwelling Berkshire • Architect Gregory Philips Architects • Contractor Relicpride • Products Used Brick Slip Masonry Support, B.O.S.S & Brick Slip Lintels

The Challenge

The brick elements played an important part of the architects vision for this contemporary, high specification home. A variety of openings of different sizes throughout the exterior of the dwelling created the need for numerous brick soffit solutions. The brick detail on the fireplace inside the property required a continuous brick soffit that spanned over 2.5 meters in length; this was just one of the intricate challenges this Berkshire project posed. To achieve the details traditionally, onsite, would have been a time consuming task that required brick cutting and additional skilled labour.

The Solution

IG’s Brick Slip Lintels achieved the brick soffits over the smaller span openings on the north elevation of the dwelling. Internal openings and
along the south elevation, IG employed welded masonry support and B.O.S.S.® (Brick On Soffit System) bolt up technology. The handmade Petersen Tegl D91 brickwork featured throughout exterior elevations also continues inside the dwelling. IG’s technical team developed a bespoke brick slip masonry support system for a number of internal applications including the fireplace in the dining room, demonstrating the versatility of IG’s brick slip products.

A consignment of the brick being used onsite was collected by IG to ensure that the prefabricated components blended seamlessly with the brickwork onsite. The finished high specification dwelling has been recognised for its architectural excellence at the International Architecture and Design Awards, winning the Luxury Residence Europe category in 2017 and has also won a RIBA Award in 2018.