No Limits to design creativity with the original B.O.S.S.

Achieving deep brick soffits and intricate brick patterns around window heads and openings has become quicker, easier and more cost efficient to achieve, down to the lightweight Brick on Soffit System range developed by IG Masonry Support.

IG’s B.O.S.S technology creates spectacular brick soffits and can accommodate a wide range of bond patterns. Installed to a pre-fitted masonry support system, B.O.S.S. allows increased adjustability along three axes.

While the Brick on Soffit System facilitates speed of installation it provides the quality associated with production offsite in factory controlled conditions making B.O.S.S. unique. Bricks are taken from site and cut down to 25mm slips and bonded to IG’s structural stainless steel units. The genius in the technology lies within IG’s patent. The stainless steel is perforated to allow the BBA approved epoxy adhesive to protrude through the perforations to create a mechanical lock.

The finished product creates the illusion of floating beams of brickwork and blends seamlessly with surrounding brickwork.

View the brand new B.O.S.S installation video below and see it in action for yourself!

IG has won awards for its innovative approach to product design. The patented B.O.S.S. technology has been utilised on multiple award winning projects. To view a comprehensive portfolio of these projects click here or contact our technical team on 01283 200 157.