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On Track to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions

2 December 2021

On Track to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions

IG Masonry Support continues to lead the way with its commitment to aligning climate mitigation targets with the most ambitious scenario of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Following Science Based Targets methodology, the company aims to reach net-zero emissions to reduce the destructive impacts of climate change on human society and nature.

Science-based targets are set between 5-15 years into the future; therefore short-term as well as long-term goals will be essential in order to proactively decarbonise our organisation. Assessments into IG Masonry Support’s Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions have been carried out with the support of Carbon Footprint Ltd and current calculations demonstrate how IG is already on its downward trajectory to reduce operational emissions by 76% by 2025.

Andy Neal, Managing Director of IG Masonry Support said: “IG Masonry Support has bold ambitions to become a net-zero carbon company. Since the first major steps in our sustainability journey of switching to 85% recycled stainless steel and reducing our landfill waste to 0% in 2018, we have continued to take leaps towards achieving our ambitions and more recently became a carbon neutral organisation.

However, our actions do not stop there. We have a number of targets to meet in the near and far future and these are a source of motivation and pride for both myself and colleagues across the organisation.”

Collaborative workshops with BSI have helped sculpt a sustainable culture into IG Masonry Support. The business has taken key outcomes from these sessions to craft an effective strategy that encompasses more than solely driving out carbon. The approach focuses on optimising our social, financial and intellectual capital as well as environmental. These key elements ensure our strategy is inclusive, reflects our company values and importantly, will be successful.

After beginning our journey with achieving Carbon Neutral certification for B.O.S.S. A1, an ultra-lightweight brick on soffit system, the sustainability notion has rapidly gained momentum for IG Masonry Support. This certificate was shortly followed by attaining companywide Carbon Neutral status in early 2021. As we explore new technologies and step by step invest into carbon reduction schemes and not just offsetting opportunities, IG is incorporating sustainable metrics into 2022 and beyond.

Transforming to net-zero emissions requires action from all sectors to achieve such an ambitious goal. IG Masonry Support are proud to have already started on this journey with Science Based Targets alongside other brands within the Keystone Group and further details on deliverable targets will be confirmed in early 2022.

Find out more information on IG Masonry Support’s sustainability commitments and journey.


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