IG Welded Masonry Support

Designed to accommodate loads up to and exceeding 14kN/m, the IG Masonry Support WMS is fabricated to engineers specifications on a project basis and offers two planes of adjustability onsite.

IG’s welded masonry support (WMS) is a rigid masonry support system comprised of a stainless steel angle support shelf with fixed brackets.

Loads up to & above



50mm to 150mm

For cavity widths exceeding 150mm, please contact are technical team.

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  • Extra strength to support extreme loads exceeding 14kN/m
  • Flexibility – can be supplied in a variety of configurations
  • Onsite adjustability
  • Ease of installation

IG welded masonry support


IG Masonry Support’s WMS system provides significant adjustability on two planes to ensure that building tolerances can be accommodated and contact with the reinforcing bar can be avoided.



To accommodate a small increase in cavity width, shims can be inserted between the support structure and the bracket. Shims are available in 2mm and 6mm thicknesses. 2mm shims are provided as standard. The collective number of shims should never exceed 3No. and the thickness of shims used should never exceed 12mm.

Vertical adjustment

Vertical adjustment is offered by means of a toothed Lock Washer. This lock washer is inserted into the serrated slot in the support bracket. The lock washer can be adjusted vertically to move the bracket higher or lower if required. The serrated area at the back
of the bracket allows up to 22mm of adjustment
in either direction on the vertical plane. The lock washer also offers fine adjustment by rotating it through 180 degrees; this is achieved by the offset hole in the lock washer.