Laurieston, Glasgow

Laurieston, Glasgow
Brick Slip Masonry Support & Brick Slip Lintels

Architect Elder Cannon/Page Park • Contractor McTaggart Construction

The Challenge

The Laurieston project exhibits a refreshing, contemporary alternative to the standard design of residential blocks. The elegant courtyards and the exchange of typical bay windows for beautiful long spanning balconies are all contributors towards the award winning qualities of this regeneration project. McTaggart Construction approached IG’s specialist team for the provision of a Brick Slip Masonry Support solution. The technical challenges involved 327mm deep brick soffits spanning over 8m as required for the recessed balconies.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support combined bespoke Brick Slip Masonry Support Systems and Brick Slip Lintels to ensure seamless and structural brick clad soffits for all openings. IG received a consignment of the bricks being used on the project, which were then cut down to 25mm slips. The brick slips were bonded to the patented steel system, which enabled the BBA approved resin to mushroom through the perforations in the steel and form a mechanical lock.

The revitalised contemporary homes offer a newfound vibrancy to the community, whilst also ensuring the retention of clearly defined blocks to reinforce the grid of the city. The area has been revived with affordable high quality living, a project that has since been awarded with the ‘The Best Urban Regeneration Project’ at the prestigious Brick Awards.

The technical expertise offered by IG has been second to none and allowed us to find a bespoke product which is lightweight and can be installed just as a traditional masonry support system.

Colin Stephen, McTaggart Construction