7 July 2022

ISO 50001 Energy Management Accredited: Certification to demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to continual improvement in energy management, allowing to lead by example within their respective industries and ensure related legislative and regulatory requirements are met.




Keystone Group appoints new Group Sustainability Manager:
Jemma Ison, who is also Specification Executive for IG Masonry Support, is appointed as Group Sustainability Manager after playing an integral part in developing Keystone’s Sustainability Strategy. Read more>>

Carbon Neutral Environmental Product Declaration: EPD’s received for every IG Masonry Support product which transparently communicates the environmental performance or impact of the product or material over its lifetime.

  1. BREG EN EPD 000462 – Brick on Soffit System (B.O.S.S.)
  2. BREG EN EPD 000456 – Brick on Soffit System (B.O.S.S. A1)
  3. BREG EN EPD 000461 – Welded Masonry Support (WMS)
  4. BREG EN EPD 000457 – Brick Slip Lintel
  5. BREG EN EPD 000458 – Reveal Support Plate
  6. BREG EN EPD 000459 – Titan
  7. BREG EN EPD 000460 – Windpost


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