Our corporate responsibility is an essential part of our vision. We encourage a culture of responsible business including proactively taking responsibility for the impact we have as a business on our people, our business partners, our industry, our communities and our planet.

Our approach is based on four key pillars – our workplace, our environment, our community and our supply chain.


Our people are our most valuable assets and we are committed to their development, wellbeing and safety. We continually invest in training and development opportunities to help our people to flourish. In today’s demanding world, a good work life balance is a critical focus for us, and we encourage all our people to make time for the other important things in life.


We are strongly committed to truly making a difference, contributing to a cleaner greener environment and limiting our environmental impact. IG Masonry Support is a carbon neutral company and this status is just the first stage in our climate change strategy. Our long term goal is to become a Net Zero Carbon Company. The continuous development of our Environmental Management System (EMS) will see us reduce our emissions and reliance on offsetting. View our BBA – Keystone Group – EN ISO 14001 2015 -Oct 2021.


Supporting the communities within which we operate is extremely important to us. We want to inspire the next generation of engineers, construction workers and bricklayers. We work with colleges and universities to provide resources and information for their education programmes and encourage them to come and take a tour of our manufacturing facility.

Supply Chain Sustainability

We see the importance of procuring sustainably, and recognise the wider social and environmental impact that our purchasing decisions have. We have a Sustainable Procurement Policy to ‘implement ethically and environmentally responsible procurement’. Having been awarded with the Gold Member Level of the Supply Chain Sustainability School proves that we don’t just acknowledge the need for sustainable procurement policies – we get involved.


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