Shrewsbury School, Hodgson Hall

Shrewsbury School, Hodgson Hall
Flat Gauge Lintels & Segmental Arch

Architect Adrian James Architects • Contractor Paveways

The Challenge

The client required IG Masonry Support to provide several customised brick clad lintel solutions for the project at Shrewsbury School. This involved forming an elegant 12.3m clear span feature brick segmental arch with a face height of 552mm and a 777mm soffit. In addition, the client also required a flat gauge brick slip solution for the upper level of the build spanning 4.5m, with a face height of 890mm and a soffit of 777mm.

The Solution

IG’s engineers designed and manufactured a bespoke steel solution for the 12m segmental arch. The size of the installation determined that the arch would be manufactured in three separate components. The sections were fixed to stub posts on the steel frame of the building also designed and supplied by IG.

The unique Brick Slip Systems were produced offsite in partnership with Fab-Lite Building Solutions Ltd, dramatically reducing the installation time by up to 90%. The bricks selected ensured the advanced Brick Slip solutions provided architectural consistent features, generating reference to the Edwardian surroundings.

IG was instrumental in achieving both the curved and splayed brickwork arches which were essential to form the principle elevations of the new humanities building at Shrewsbury School. The soaring curved arch over the main entrance is particularly striking and with only 10mm tolerance to boot! What an achievement.

Mike Marshall, Adrian James Architects