William Street, Barking

William Street, Barking
Brick Slip Lintels

Architect MacCreanor Lavington & Alfred Hall Monaghan Morris • Contractor Laing O’Rouke •

The Challenge

The family-sized brick terrace houses demonstrate an accumulation of offsite solutions manufactured in advance and delivered to site ready for installation; this is a project opposing the stigma surrounding prefabricated housing. IG Masonry Support was faced with the challenge of designing brick and stone soffits for openings of various spans.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support provided bespoke brick and stone clad steel lintels spanning the 1.2m, 1.9m and 2.9m openings throughout the 357 unit development. This is testament to the versatility of IG’s bespoke Brick Slip Lintels that can accommodate any variation in soffit and face depth.

Resonating with Laing O’Rourke’s ‘offsite’ construction philosophy, IG’s prefabricated units were manufactured offsite and delivered complete with brick and stone slips bonded; this offers a major reduction in onsite labour. The William Street Quarter Project received its well-deserved recognition at the 2015 Offsite Awards,winning two awards at the ceremony; ‘The Public Sector Project of the Year’ and ‘Best Use of Concrete’.

The solution provided by IG Masonry Support Systems was excellent, and the offsite prefabrication complimented our building philosophy perfectly.

Martin Kerrse, Laing O’Rouke