The Albus, Glasgow

The Albus, Glasgow
Brick Slip Lintels & Masonry Support

Architect JM Architects • Contractor Robertson Construction •

The Challenge

Robertson Construction approached IG Masonry Support to provide Brick Slip Soffit solutions for this project. Several areas had openings where the brickwork transitioned into cladding mid-way across. A natural brick soffit finish was originally unachievable because a perforated brick was specified. IG Masonry Support had to establish a solution without substituting the brick.

The Solution

The solutions provided were a combination of Brick Slip Lintels and Brick Slip Masonry Support Systems. IG Masonry Support developed a method of modifying the brick making it more applicable to soffit use – cutting the brick to form a mitre bond and joining these brick sections to produce a corner piece for the edge of the unit. In order to accommodate for openings that transitioned from brickwork to cladding, IG’s Brick Slip Shelf System was produced in sections enabling the brick to feature only partially across the opening span.

These bespoke specialist solutions helped to achieve the façade envisioned by the architect, demonstrating the aesthetic and structural capabilities of IG Masonry Support’s product range. The £3.6m project has since been recognised for architectural accomplishments at
the Scottish Property Awards 2015, winning the award for Architectural Excellence (Commercial Buildings).

IG Masonry Support’s expertise helped us to overcome difficult non-standard technical solutions to create the impression of a seamless“solid” brick façade. Their input was invaluable to the overall quality of
the façade of our building.

Henry Mckeown, JM Architects