Know Your Windposts

IG Masonry Support Windposts

There are still some out there who haven’t heard the news yet, but alongside our detailed range of lintels and masonry support, we manufacture three types of windposts.

All of our windposts are laser cut, meaning that when all factors are controlled, laser cutting is more stable, reliable and extremely accurate compared to other cutting processes. Where the tolerance on the plasma cutter is around 2mm – the laser cuts much more accurately and can be as little as 0.1mm.

Laser cutting uses a high-powered beam to cut material based on computer-controlled parameter. As the laser guides its beam along the material, everything in its direct path is vaporized, burned or melted. One of the benefits of laser cutting technology is the cut product rarely needs any finishing work as this process ensures a high-quality surface finish.

Our windposts span vertically between floors to provide additional lateral support for large panels of brickwork or large panels with openings.

U Windposts

The U windpost is the channel section designed for standard loading conditions and is installed within the cavity, and normally spans between floor structures. The inner leaf of the cavity wall is totally undisturbed. The U windpost is also available in shorter lengths for parapets or below windows.

DU Windposts

The DU windpost is a “back to back” channel section designed for heavier loading conditions and is installed within the cavity. As with the U Windpost, the inner leaf of the cavity wall is undisturbed, but the DU is a heavier duty variant of the U windpost.

LP Windposts

The LP windpost is an “L” shaped section designed to suit a range of loading conditions and is built into the inner skin of the cavity wall. The LP normally spans between floor structures.

Parapet and Spandrel Windposts

All three windposts designs are available in shorter length to provide the same level of stability to parapets or below windows, commonly termed parapets or spandrel window posts respectively. These posts are designed as cantilivers and are rarely more than 1.6metres in height. The base connection is engineered to resist bending moment.

Windpost Connections

All of our Windposts are supplied with plates or angles for fixing to the structure at top and base. It is important that windposts are fully fixed before commencement of the brickwork. Although the type of connection will change on a project-by-project basis.