At IG Masonry Support, innovation drives the development of superior masonry support systems, designed specifically to answer the changing needs of the industry.

Cavity variations

Site conditions often vary from plan and can result in variations of cavity width.ig masonry support

Support structure “not plumb”

Fixing on to structures which may not be totally plumb is a common issue on-site.2

Maintaining build quality on-site

The lack of sufficient skilled labour can be a challenge when quality detailing is required.3

Maximum Cavity Width Adjustment

Titan’s innovative bracket profile can accommodate typical on-site cavity variations. For example the MSB 100 bracket can be adjusted to cope with cavity widths from 85mm to 115mm.


Easy On-Site ‘Off Plumb’ Adjustment

Our innovative Wedged Shim device enables the brackets to be secured true to the perpendicular even when the supporting structure is “off plumb”. The Wedged shims provide a simple self-levelling action as the brackets are secured.
Each shim offers 1.5° alignment.


Easy On-Site Installation With Off-Site Quality

Our unique Brick Slip Masonry Support Systems are produced off-site dramatically reducing the time taken on-site to create brick soffits and other brick detailing by up to 90%. IG’s innovative patented design for brick adhesion creates a mechanical lock as the adhesive passes through the perforated steel carrier. Quality is enhanced by the offsite, factory production process.