IG Masonry Support: The Original B.O.S.S.

IG Masonry Support BOSS

IG’s Brick On Soffit System creates spectacular brick soffits, offering no limits to design creativity.

IG Masonry Support created the original lightweight stainless steel Brick On Soffit System that is generating a step change in the use of brick. This revolutionary system is now the efficient way to achieve deep brick soffits and intricate bond patterns around window heads and openings.

For over half a decade, IG’s patented B.O.S.S. Technology has been utilised on multiple award winning projects. The range of bespoke solutions IG has supplied can be viewed on IG Masonry Support’s website and within its Signature Projects brochure.

Employing IG’s B.O.S.S. technology results in completely hidden structural steelwork as well as creating the illusion of floating panels of brickwork.


B.O.S.S. is unique in the way it delivers speed and quality. Manufactured offsite in factory controlled conditions, B.O.S.S. delivers exceptional craftsmanship. Bricks are collected from site, cut into lightweight 25mm slips and bonded to IG’s structural stainless steel units.

The genius in the technology lies within IG’s patent. The stainless steel is perforated to allow the BBA approved epoxy adhesive to protrude through the perforations in the steel and create a mechanical lock.


IG’s B.O.S.S. units offer the installer adjustability in all three planes. Vertically, the masonry support brackets offer 50mm adjustability.
Across the cavity, the masonry support can be shimmed out 12mm to allow for any variation within the cavity.

Horizontally the B.O.S.S. units can be moved left and right on the channel, offering 50mm adjustment on this plane. All this adjustment ensures sites can easily adapt to unforeseen variations within the cavity and set out of the brickwork.

IG’s ability to utilise bricks from site ensures B.O.S.S. blends seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork. B.O.S.S. delivers the true value of offsite in a variety of ways according to IG Masonry Support’s General Manager, Owen Coyle:

“B.O.S.S. is a game changer for builders as its lightweight steel construction reduces the weight of the individual units so they can be manually handled onsite, without the need for mechanical lifting. This ease of handling, plus the simple installation process saves up to 90% of the labour time required onsite to achieve high quality brick detailing.”


Every B.O.S.S. project is designed and manufactured to each customer’s unique requirements, accommodating various brick patterns and soffit sizes. B.O.S.S. has been employed on curved sections of buildings, corbelled brickwork entrances and soffits spanning 20 metres and more.

Site and Office Visits

The IG Masonry Support technical team is available to support customers at design stage. Call one of our Engineers now for a site visit or appointment in your office to discuss your masonry support requirements.