IG Masonry Support Awarded Two-Hour Fire Certificate

IG Masonry Support achieves another first, with the industry’s first brick slip steel lintel achieving a two hour fire certificate.

Having undergone fire resistance testing utilising BS EN 1363-1: 2012, we are delighted to announce that IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip Lintels have achieved a two hour fire performance certificate.

Fire testing generally falls into two categories: tests to measure ignition and the spread of flames from one area to another, and tests to measure fire resistance.

Fire resistance tests measure a material’s ability to continue to serve its structural role during a fire.

During the fire test undertaken by Exova Warrington Fire Research, IG’s lintel was judged on its ability to support the applied load and failure was deemed to occur; until either the lintel collapsed or the test load could not be maintained at a constant rate. Failure was also deemed to occur if the brick slips de-bonded from the steel lintel.

The furnace was controlled so that its mean temperature complied with the requirements of BS EN 1363-1: 2012 using nine plate thermometers evenly distributed over a plane 100mm from the surface of the test construction.

The product was tested for 132 minutes in total and the lintel continued to satisfy the test criteria, while the brick slips remained in place and intact throughout the test, offering IG customer’s further assurances of the quality of IG’s BBA approved Brick Slip Lintels.

For further information contact the IG technical team on 01283 200 157.