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Keyfix is setting new standards in the delivery of non-combustible (NC) cavity systems for projects requiring Document B compliance in buildings over 18m high utilising steel frame systems in the external cavity. Our innovative NC range of A1 fire rated cavity trays is a practical solution to provide DPC protection over lintels, masonry supports, soffit systems and other elements in the cavity such as fire barriers etc.

By specifying Keyfix NC, specifiers and installers can be assured that these stainless steel cavity trays meet current fire regulations regardless of the building’s height or wall construction.


The self-supporting trays provide protection across the cavity, without the need to connect to the inner leaf. If required, the waterproofing membrane on the inner leaf can be lapped over the tray. Our completed system is a “Fit and Forget” design and requires no mastic, sealant, or tapes to make it watertight.

The Type 2 cavity tray is a practical solution for projects requiring a mechanical fix to the inner leaf and the range also includes the Keyfix NCCTL structural lintel with combined cavity tray for non-combustible performance above openings in the outer leaf. Download the Keyfix brochure for full details.


  • Class A1 Fire Rated Stainless Steel
  • Document B compliant
  • Self-supporting system
  • Patented interlocking trays
  • Requires no tapes or sealants
  • Integral weep vents
  • Modular tray sizing and corner trays
  • Suitable for 100mm-225mm cavity widths
  • Patented slip plane protection

Keyfix Type 1 NCCT-1 Non-combustible Cavity Tray System

The Keyfix Type 1 NCCT is a highly practical solution to the challenge of non-combustible cavity detailing. The ease of installation in the outer leaf combines with the advantages of its self-supporting structure. These features allow the profiling of insulation and the positioning of the overlap on the cavity facing membrane to be completed independently once the tray is securely built into the brickwork. The base of each tray features a patented indented surface to protect against a slip plane.

Interlocking Trays

The patented design enables the trays to interlock and create a watertight joint which includes an integral weep vent. This unique detail also provides brickwork joint width adjustability of between 7-13mm. No tapes or sealants are required.

Non-Combustible weep vent

To comply with building regulations, non-combustible stainless steel weep vents are placed at 450mm centres on the 4 and 6 brick Keyfix trays.

Component Range

The range of one, two, four and six brick trays combine with handed internal and external 90°corner trays to accommodate various build conditions and eliminate the need to fabricate trays on-site. The Type 1 tray is suitable for cavity widths between 100mm-225mm.

The use and positioning of membranes may vary from project to project and are shown here for illustration only.

Type 1 tray

Type 1 corner tray

Keyfix NCW weep

Type 1 cavity detail

Keyfix NCCTL Non-combustible Structural Lintel with Combined Cavity Tray

The Keyfix NCCTL is a structural load bearing single leaf lintel which addresses the challenge of non-combustible cavity tray detailing over openings in the outer leaf of the external cavity as required for compliance with Document B fire (fire safety) 2019.

The ease of installation in the outer leaf combines the structural load bearing lintel with the advantages of a self-supporting cavity tray. These features allow the profiling of insulation and the positioning of the overlap on the cavity facing membrane, if required, to be completed independently once the lintel is securely built into the brickwork.

The patented mechanically fixed stopends remove additional operations usually performed by the bricklayer and ensure any moisture present on the NCCTL cannot travel horizontally over the ends of the lintel but is channeled outwards instead.

Mechanically fixed stopends

Lintel cavity detail

Full Support

Keyfix is dedicated to customer support and have our technical team offer a full scheduling service and technical support package for the Keyfix cavity tray and lintel range.

Our ability to provide schedules for both non-combustible cavity trays over cavity elements and our structural lintel with combined cavity tray for openings in the external leaf means we are in a unique position to service your project’s requirements.

Our service will provide optimised schedules for trays and components matched to your brickwork configuration, enhancing your procurement process and ensuring a smooth workflow on-site.

Send your project drawings to support@igmss.co.uk