IG Brick Slip Soffit Panels

IG Masonry Support Brick Slip Soffit Panels are lightweight pre fabricated brick slip cladding systems, which enable designers and specifiers to achieve a deeper soffit which blends seamlessly with already constructed brickwork.

Produced off-site, this innovative system enables masonry to be assembled with speed and efficiency without the need for specialist trades.

Suitable for
Deep soffits

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  • Achieve deep brick soffit detail
  • Faster and easier installation than traditional
    masonry construction
  • No shuttering required
  • Reduced labour – no brick fixings required on-site
  • Support steelwork is hidden
  • No brick cutting required on-site
  • Blends seamlessly with already
    constructed brickwork
  • Various bond patterns can be achieved

IG Brick Slip Soffit Panel

IG Brick Soffit Panels

The interlocking panel system is quick and easy to install and eliminates the need for any brick cutting or bonding of brick slips on-site.

The individual interlinking panels are fixed to the timber substructure with screws. The stainless steel screws are fixed within the mortar joints and hidden once pointed.

Brick Slip Panel Solutions

IG’s bespoke components use our patented adhesion system and are delivered to site as a complete bricked unit ready for installation and final pointing.


Step 1 The brick slip panel is positioned, fixed and built into the outer skin.

Step 2 The brick slips are pointed to ensure a seamless appearance..