IG Brick Panel System

The IG Brick Panel System is a lightweight, mechanically fixed, A1 Fire Rated prefabricated brick slip cladding system, which enables designers and specifiers to achieve a deeper soffit which blends seamlessly with brickwork constructed on site. This BBA certified unit is manufactured completely from A1 Fire rated materials and is Document B:Fire Safety compliant.

Manufactured offsite, the prefabricated components are delivered to site complete with brick slips adhesively bonded and mechanically secured to the brick carrier unit. The lightweight system facilitates fast and efficient installation of masonry without the need for specialist trades onsite.

Suitable for
Deep soffits

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  • A1 fire rated
  • Mechanically fixed brick slips
  • Suitable for all heights and types of buildings
  • Achieve deep brick soffit detail
  • Supporting substructure is hidden
  • Various bond patterns can be achieved

IG Brick Panel System


Brick soffits and deep reveals have become increasingly popular design features with architects wanting to add depth and visual flare to a masonry façade. IG’s Brick Panel System provides a technically advanced solution that meets the required aesthetics as the supporting substructure is hidden which gives the impression of unsupported brickwork.


Product Design

The brick panel system has been independently tested by Third Party Organisations and Technical Approval Bodies.


Interlocking System

The interlocking panel is quick and easy to install and eliminates the need for any brick cutting or bonding of brick slips on site. The individual interlinking panels are fixed to a subframe which can be specified as either timber or an A1 fire classified material to meet the needs of the building type. Once pointed, the IG Brick Panel System blends seamlessly with the building fabric.