The Orchard, London

The Orchard, London
Brick Slip Lintel

Architect Fourpoints Architects • Contractor Mount Anvil

The Challenge

Many of the apartments at The Orchard development have recessed balconies that required various brick soffit lintel solutions. The contrasting brick types and precise detailing exhibited by the building’s exterior generates a contemporary urban-style that resonates charmingly with the surrounding neighbourhood.

IG Masonry Support needed to identify bespoke brick slip solutions capable of achieving the specified brick patterns above a multitude of openings, ensuring the residents saw a consistent flow of brickwork from face to soffit.

The Solution

Unique solutions produced offsite were necessary to accomplish the aesthetic requirements of the project. The use of multiple brick types has helped distinguish the apartment blocks in a stylish and contemporary manner. In order to achieve consistency in brick detailing, IG received a consignment of the brick types being used onsite to ensure that the finished brick slip lintels blend seamlessly with already constructed brickwork. IG values the architect’s vision, understanding that aesthetics are also essential when assuring the full structural support of a building.

IG Masonry Support’s prefabricated units utilised two different brick types which were being used on site:

  • Black Engineering Brick
  • Smead Dean London Stocks

To overcome any potential issues with the brick set out, IG incorporated an extra half brick on every lintel. This meant the lintel could be shuffled left or right during installation, depending on whether the opening started with a full brick or half brick.

IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip Lintels were a fantastic addition to the project, ensuring absolute consistency in brick detailing. The Orchard has recieved a lot of attention and has been nominated for numerous awards for Health & Safety and Quality – a tribute to everyone’s efforts.

Richard Chalmers, Mount Anvil