The Nelson Medical Practice, London

The Nelson Medical Practice, London
IG Brick on Soffit System & Brick Slip Lintels

Architect Murphy Philipps • Contractor Rydon Construction

The Challenge

This three storey development required IG’s Brick Slip Masonry Support, Brick On Soffit System Units and Brick Slip Lintels. The design features a 5m long protruding soffit which projects out by 2.5m; this would require IG’s Masonry Support to bear the load of the two storeys above. The project also required multiple lintel designs to accommodate a range of opening dimensions and soffit depths.

The Solution

The cantilevered projection utilised IG Masonry Support’s Bolt Up Brick On Soffit System. The combination of Masonry Support and the Brick On Soffit System unit helped provide the necessary structural support whilst also facilitating seamless brick soffits. In addition, this particular system also enables an increased degree of adjustability across all three planes, generating quicker installation times.

The Brick Slip Lintels manufactured offsite ranged in span from 1210mm to 2785mm. These were delivered to site with bricks bonded ready for installation and final pointing. The medical facility won a national award recognising the project as the ‘Best Primary Care Development’ at the Building Better Health Care Awards. The project paid lasting homage to the existing hospital through the preservation and integration of the original pavilion block entrance, referencing its Edwardian origin. This contrast emphasises the transformation undergone, reflecting progression in both a medical and architectural context.

The quality of IG Masonry Support’s Feature Brick solution offered seamless transition between IG’s offsite components and brickwork constructed onsite. Very good technical support and superb detailed drawings enabled us to build an imaginative achitectural design reproducing features on the new hospital from the old retained façade.

Dave Calvey, Rydon Construction