Stonebridge Park, London

Stonebridge Park, London
Brick Slip Masonry Support &
Brick Slip Lintels

Architect Cullinan Studio • Contractor Durkan

The Challenge

The Rotunda, a 9 storey, circular building, exhibits impressive brick feature elements. The ground floor main entrance to the Rotunda would require a 4.8m wide, 3.6m tall, 2m deep corbelled brick feature. IG had to accommodate the external wall radius of the cylindrical structure, developing manageable brick slip units to achieve this complex design. The double soldier course detailing would marry both onsite and offsite building methods, with the top course of brick laid traditionally above each masonry support installation.

The Solution

Constructing the corbelled brick detail required a welded brick slip masonry support solution. Produced off-site and delivered in 38 individual brick slip units, IG ensured the brick feature was comprised of manageable components to facilitate optimum adjustability. IG supplied installation drawings and a step by step method statement to support the brickwork contractor on site. An IG engineer attended the site prior to and during the installation, ensuring the prefabricated system was installed effectively, achieving the desired facade.

IG Masonry Support’s technical expertise allowed us to create a single storey entrance appropriate to the scale of the 9 storey Rotunda.

Kevin Goh, Cullinan Studio