St John’s Hill, London

St John’s Hill, London
Brick Slip Masonry Support & Brick Slip Lintels

Architect Hawkins Brown • Contractor SISK • Brickwork Contractor Lee Marley Brickwork

The Challenge

IG’s technical team needed to develop a system to accommodate a range of different cavity widths including some over 300mm wide. Each residential block would be distinguished by numerous brick types and bond patterns. The diverse range of brick slip components required needed to accommodate a combination of industrial engineering bricks and various glazed brick types. The challenge on this project was to develop a system that could allow for stretcher on end bond pattern and also develop DPC detail to accommodate the staggered bricks.

The Solution

IG’s brick slip systems offer fast, lightweight solutions capable of accommodating any bond pattern. The development required a combination of brick slip lintels and brick slip masonry support. Utilising prefabricated components would help speed up the pace of construction, helping to reduce labour costs.

Produced offsite, IG Masonry Support’s brick slip components are manufactured within a strict quality controlled environment. Factory conditions mean that work is not delayed by factors such as weather other trades. Components are delivered to site as required ready for installation and final pointing. IG Masonry Support developed a unique DPC detail, accepted by both Architect and NHBC, allowing the stretch on end bond pattern to proceed. Please contact us for details of this system.

IG Masonry Support’s system for brick faced soffits are designed as lightweight and easy to fit, and can be simply aligned using a unique two-part system to create a flawless joint with the main brickwork façade – with no supporting steel work left exposed.

Keith Da Costa, Commercial Director, Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd