South Gardens Elephant Park

South Gardens Elephant Park
Brick Slip Lintels

Mixed-use Urban Regeneration Project South Gardens, Elephant Park • Architect Maccreanor Lavington • Developer Lendlease • Products Used Brick Slip Lintels

The Challenge

The South Gardens development is expressed in different scales, incorporating low-rise townhouses, mid-rise mansion blocks and taller buildings scaling up to sixteen storeys. Maccreanor Lavington specified bricks from three manufacturers, Michelmersh, Ibstock and Wienerberger. Brick selection made each block of the development unique, defining elevations through carefully considered brick combinations. Ibstock’s White Engobe brick provides a subtle contrast within the façade, used throughout the development above openings to achieve a beautiful brick soffit. IG was challenged to design brick slip lintels specific to each application, accommodating the different opening sizes and soffit requirements.

The Solution

The complex brick detail achieved at South Gardens highlights the design versatility of IG’s offsite brick slip solutions. Capable of accommodating any brick type or bond pattern, IG’s technical team created effective solutions for achieving the stretcher on end bond detail above all window and balcony openings. Each splayed bay balcony required four brick slip lintels to span the 1585mm and 1135mm openings between brick piers. IG’s prefabricated brick slip lintels enabled Lee Marley Brickwork to achieve the desired brick detail quickly and effectively. IG considered onsite handling, designing manageable components that were lifted into position by hand.

The development was awarded Supreme Winner and Best Large Housing Development at the Brick Awards 2017 and a Housing Design Award 2018. The outstanding build quality and execution of the complex façade is a testament to all involved.