Savoy Circus

Savoy Circus
B.O.S.S. and WMS

Brickwork Contractor AON Contracts • Products used B.O.S.S. and WMS • Architect HTA Design LLP • Contractor Tide Construction


Savoy Circus in West London is situated within a conservation area, on the site of the old Savoy Theatre which had been vacant since the late ‘90s. The purpose-built accommodation is seven storeys high and features 306 studio apartments, plus communal spaces including a café, student lounge, arcade, and gym. The accommodation designed by architects HTA Design LLP was constructed using modular units combined with other modern methods of construction. These methods significantly reduced the disruption to the area and reduced the overall build time of the project. IG Masonry Support was approached by AON Contracts to develop a range of offsite brick slip soffit solutions to achieve the intricate brick detailing on the façade of the building.

The Challenge

The complexity of the façade in terms of intricate brick patterns and soffits as well as the combination of stone and brick materials used, played an important part in the architect’s vision for this high specification project. IG was challenged to design brick slip soffit solutions for the window openings on the façade, as well as considering the aesthetics of the brick soffits the solution was also required to be engineered to provide the structural support for the stone above and beneath the soffits.

The Solution

IG’s Brick On Soffit System (B.O.S.S.) and Welded Masonry Support (WMS) system provided AON Contracts with the perfect solution for creating beautiful brick soffits, the complex brick detail achieved at Savoy Circus highlights the design versatility of IG’s offsite solutions. B.O.S.S. units that accommodate a half lap bond pattern above all window openings were designed by IG’s technical team, these lightweight units were delivered to site with bricks bonded and fitted to IG’s pre-installed welded masonry support. Additionally, IG collaborated closely with GB Architectural Yorkshire who manufactured the stone for the project. IG supplied the stone manufacturer with engineered channels, these were required to be cast into the stone during production enabling it to be fixed to the welded masonry support onsite.

IG’s bespoke solutions were produced offsite in a factory controlled environment using a consignment of bricks being used onsite, this ensured the prefabricated units blended seamlessly with the traditional brickwork on the façade. The overall build time of the project was reduced as the B.O.S.S. units and the manufactured stone with precast channels provided the contractor with an easier and faster alternative to traditional construction methods, resulting in considerable time savings on site.