Ram Brewery

Ram Brewery
Brick Slip Lintels, B.O.S.S. & Brick Slip Soffit Panels

Developer Greenland • Products used Brick Slip Lintels, B.O.S.S. & Brick Slip Soffit Panels • Architect EPR Architects • Contractor Ardmore


The award winning contemporary residential and retail development Ram Quarter, is located on the site of the former Young’s Brewery in the heart of Wandsworth, one of south west London’s most desirable locations. Residents benefit from tranquil shared gardens, riverside walks along the River Wandle, shops, restaurants, a craft brewery and heritage centre. The transformation of the former brewery into an urban quarter required the architect to seamlessly integrate ten stylish new residential blocks with the refurbishment and conservation of 11 iconic Grade II listed buildings. These included the five storey Brewhouse and Tower, the former Brewer’s House and the Grade II Brewery Tap.

The Challenge

Brick details played an important part of the architect’s vision for these contemporary residential units. Architecturally, the apartments presented multiple challenges with soffit sizes ranging from 100mm to 2000mm specified throughout the design of the facades, as well as the requirement for masonry soffits on the underside of numerous flying beams.

To achieve the details traditionally, onsite, would have been a time consuming task that required brick cutting and additional skilled labour.

The Solution

The complex brick detail accomplished at Ram Quarter highlights the design versatility of IG’s offsite brick slip solutions. Capable of accommodating any brick type or bond pattern, IG’s technical team created effective solutions for achieving the soffits above all windows and openings.

IG’s Brick Slip Lintels achieved the brick soffits over the windows on the facades of the residential blocks. The various designs incorporating a stretcher bond pattern were produced to bespoke specification. The deep brick soffits on the facades and the floating beams were achieved with the installation of B.O.S.S. units bolted to IG’s pre-installed Welded Masonry Support. This prefabricated, lightweight, interconnecting soffit system can accommodate any length of opening. The architect’s vison for one of the apartment blocks was that the first floor would protrude out above the entrance to the building. IG Masonry support designed a prefabricated brick slip soffit panel to achieve the brick detailing on the underside of the deep soffit.

The prefabricated components were manufactured offsite and delivered to site complete with bricks bonded, saving time and reducing the requirement for specialist trades onsite. IG received a consignment of the brick being used onsite to ensure that the finished brick slip solutions blended seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork.

This high specification development has been recognised for its architectural excellence at the Premier Guarantee’s Excellence Awards, winning the Conversion / Refurbishment Project Of The Year in 2018.