Pembury Circus

Pembury Circus
IG Brick On Soffit System Units & Brick Slip Lintels

Architect Fraser Brown MacKenna • Contractor Ardmore Construction

The Challenge

Architecturally, the building presented multiple challenges with a range of soffit sizes specified in the design. IG Masonry Support worked closely with the Architect and Contractor in order to develop a solution for the long runs of brick clad soffits that span the building’s projecting perimeter.

The bespoke brick slip solutions needed to fit in with the building’s exterior curves, a feature IG Masonry Support’s Brick On Soffit System range is fully capable of achieving. Seven different specifications of Brick Slip Lintels would also be required, each bespoke to accommodate the contour of the wide openings – balconies that exceeded 3.5m in span.

The Solution

The perimeter of the building required multiple brick slip solutions provided by IG to achieve the extensive runs of brick soffit. The curved brick feature Masonry Support created a soldier course of brick detailing faced on three sides, establishing a defining trim around the underside edge of the building.

The Brick On Soffit System units were installed to the pre-fitted masonry support, enabling increased adjustability across all three planes; this system offered a quicker, lighter, easier and more cost effective option. The range of brick slip lintels featured in the building design were all produced to bespoke specification, blending seamlessly with the already constructed brickwork. Demonstrating IG’s commitment to achieving the aesthetical requirements of the project as well as the structural.

IG Masonry Support achieved the architect’s desired aesthetic with their seven types of feature brick lintels at Pembury Circus. Coordination of the brick slip lintels with IG was seamless.

Daniel McGurk, Ardmore Construction