Liberty House, Dublin

Liberty House, Dublin
Titan Masonry Support & Brick Slip Masonry Support

Architect Paul Keogh • Contractor Duggan Brothers

The Challenge

The apartment buildings are five storeys high, with the exception of the South East corner which has an additional storey; thereby adopting the maximum height permitted under the city’s development plan. Masonry Support was necessary at required levels to cope with the vertical movement in the masonry façade; thus alleviating any issues associated with excessive loading. The bespoke brick slip solutions must also accommodate a soffit variance between 102.5mm and 327.5mm in order to achieve the depths specified by the architect.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support’s Titan System was supplied for the project and installed intermittently every two storeys. The Titan System provided significant adjustability to ensure that building tolerances could be accommodated and contact with reinforcing bar could be avoided when drilling.

IG is extremely dedicated to achieving the high aesthetic expectations when providing full structural support of a building. Therefore a range of bespoke brick slip solutions were also designed, enabling seamless soffit detailing throughout. The end result bears a harmonising reference to the Georgian origins of the urban environment in which it resides. An elegant and robust structure, transforming the area.

Duggan Brothers relied on IG’s expertise throughout the construction of the project. IG provided full structural support without comprimising on the aesthetic detailing of the soffits. Our client was delighted with the end result.

Gareth Anderson, Duggan Brothers