Hallsville Quarter

Hallsville Quarter
IG Brick on Soffit System Units

Architect Haworth Tompkins • Contractor Bouygues Developments

The Challenge

This large scale development required high volumes of IG Masonry Support’s brick slip solutions. The challenge of this site was developing deep brick soffits as lightweight solutions that would not involve expensive crane time.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support provided brick slip units that bolted up to the Masonry Support System located above each opening. The lightweight unit was quick and easy to install in comparison to the heavier concrete alternative originally specified, saving significant time onsite. Multiple lightweight units were used across one opening to help with the handling of the system on the scaffold.

Neighbouring units were toothed seamlessly interlocking with each other. The bespoke brick slip systems could also accommodate various soffit depths, which ranged from 215mm to 440mm. The stretcher-bond brick detailing blended seamlessly with already constructed brickwork, demonstrating the levels of consistency IG can obtain.

IG Masonry Support’s system for brick faced soffits are designed as lightweight and easy to fit, and can be simply aligned using a unique two-part system to create a flawless joint with the main brickwork façade – with no supporting steelwork left exposed.

Keith Da Costa, Commercial Director, Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd