Father Scully House, Dublin

Father Scully House, Dublin
Brick Slip Masonry Support, Brick Slip Lintels & Soffit Panels

Architect Coady Partnership • Contractor Collen Construction

The Challenge

The project required a combination of Masonry Support and Brick Slip solutions, demonstrating a broad range of products supplied by IG. Challenges included the design of brick soffits across long spanning balconies for each of the 99 apartments as well as deep soffit reveals.

Original plans had specified heavy concrete bolt up systems, which would have significantly slowed construction and raised costs. IG Masonry Support was tasked with providing various solutions that would prove lighter, safer and more efficient.

The Solution

IG’s provision of brick slip solutions demonstrated the benefits of prefabricated systems manufactured offsite and delivered complete with bricks bonded. IG’s Brick Slip Soffit Panels were more than capable of providing a cladding solution for the deep soffits specified by the architect.

The 1425mm soffit underneath the cantilevered apartments has been achieved through twelve interlocking brick slip panels fixed to a timber substructure. Producing these panels offsite provided an easier and faster alternative to the traditional method, saving considerable time onsite. The brick slip masonry support assured full structural support as well as providing further brick detailing around the perimeter of the building.

This installation took one man two days having not used the system before. The installation of the concrete option originally proposed would have taken three men up to four days to install.

Liam Flynn, Site Manager, Collen Construction