The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC)
IG Brick Slip Feature Arches & Offsite Cornice

Builders Merchant E H Smiths • Brickwork Contractor Lee Marley Brickwork • Products used IG Brick Slip Feature Arches & Cornice • Architect Purcell UK Architects/Steffian Bradley Architects/John Simpson Architects • Contractor Interserve

The Challenge

Consistency and quality were essential when replicating the complex brickwork elements throughout this 21st century state of the art landmark project. To create the arches using traditional methods would have been a time consuming task requiring a great deal of skilled labour and brick cutting onsite. IG Masonry Support’s offsite solutions provided greater certainty for project delivery within the ambitious construction schedule of the DNRC.

The Solution

IG’s Brick Slip feature arches and offsite cornice offered the perfect solution for achieving the key architectural features on the exterior façades of the DNRC buildings. A clock tower retained from the demolished stable block at the historic estate forms the cornerstone of the main courtyard which features a series of impressive arches throughout its ground floor elevation. The design of the arches vary throughout each elevation, featuring a collection of different classical architectural styles. IG provided Lee Marley Brickwork with Brick Slip feature arch solutions that enabled them to achieve grand architectural details with the simplicity of a single piece prefabricated component.