Dawson Street Dublin

Dawson Street Dublin
Brick Slip Lintels, Welded Masonry Support & B.O.S.S.

Contractor PJ Hegarty & Sons • Products used Brick Slip Lintels, Welded Masonry Support & B.O.S.S. • Architect MCA Architects


The Dawson Street development involved the major refurbishment and remodelling of an existing office building in the heart of Dublin’s business district. The project saw significant structural modifications and aesthetic improvements, replacing the outer leaf brickwork for a distinct handmade Petersen brick.

The carefully selected materials employed throughout the façade have refreshed the exterior of the building, effectively combining brick and glazed elements to reinvigorate the 1970’s building. Replacing the existing façade required a combination of IG’s B.O.S.S. and Brick Slip Lintels to achieve the deep brick soffit reveals above each opening. Using brick supplied by Peterson, IG’s versatile brick slip systems accommodated the unusual brick dimensions and complex bond pattern throughout the building.

The Challenge

MCA Architect’s design retained the core architectural features of the existing building, allowing the contractor to remove the outer leaf brickwork and keep the existing concrete structure. The proposed elevations detailed a contemporary new exterior, balancing the intricate detailing of Petersen Kolumba brickwork and large elegant glazed areas recessed into the façade. The west elevation featured an impressive recessed opening above the main entrance, revealing a 1005mm brick soffit return spanning over 6200mm; this required a practical offsite solution developed by IG’s technical team. Additionally, Brick Slip Lintels were required to provide seamless brick soffits above all window openings throughout the development, spanning openings up to 1447mm. IG’s brick slip products accommodated the unusual dimensions of the handmade brick type, developing effective brick slip solutions to suite the 538 x 108 x 37 profile in different bond patterns.

The Solution

IG designed a bespoke system for accommodating the deep soffit above the office accommodation’s main entrance, combining both Brick Slip Soffit Panels and B.O.S.S. to attain the full 1005mm return. Each B.O.S.S. unit fixed to the underside of pre-installed Welded Masonry Support (WMS) brackets to achieve the outer course of brick. The design incorporated two stainless steel channels to allow for necessary adjustments during installation. Lightweight Brick Slip Soffit Panels were secured to the substructure, interlocking with the B.O.S.S. units to complete the soffit. The system, composed of three IG Masonry Support products, effectively achieved the staggered soffit detail demonstrating the impressive collaboration of IG’s components.

IG also supplied Brick Slip Lintels, providing exposed brick soffits above all recessed window openings. IG designed bespoke lintel solutions to accommodate both rowlock and stretcher bond patterns, as well as various soffit depths. The development has breathed new life into the 1970’s building, transforming it into contemporary office accommodation.