Church Road, Belfast

Church Road, Belfast
Brick Slip Soffit Panels

Residential Development Church Road • Architect Hall McKnight Architects • Contractor Strong Construction Ltd • Products Used Brick Slip Soffit Panels

The Challenge

The property on Church Road presented very complex brickwork elements. Attentive to every detail, each elevation is composed of distinct forms, defined by deep recesses in the facade. The first floor protrudes out above the entrance to the property. The brick reveal on the underside of the cantilever required a brick slip cladding system in order to achieve the detailing specified within the architect’s designs. IG Masonry Support were approached for a multitude of prefabricated brick slip soffit panels to achieve the bond pattern required for the 20m2 masonry soffit.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support designed 26 brick clad soffit panels to achieve the brick detailing required for the deep soffit reveal above the entrance. The prefabricated units were manufactured off-site and delivered complete with bricks bonded.

The lightweight panels facilitated fast and efficient installation, allowing the seamless continuation of brick on the underside of the cantilever. Achieving a seamless transition between on-site and off-site building materials, the interconnecting soffit panels collectively achieved the brick soffit detail. Strong Construction Ltd installed the units, fixing them to the timber substructure with screws. The stainless steel screws were positioned within the mortar joints and hidden once pointed. The completed installation achieved the stunning deep brick soffit detail to great effect. The property became the deserving winner of the Best Housing Development 1 – 5 Units award at the 2015 Brick Awards; this is a tribute to the unique design and craftsmanship required to deliver it.

The design and realisation of this house was impressive. The brickwork elements were well proportioned and integrated to dramatic effect.

Judges’ Comments 2015 Brick Awards