Battersea Bridge, London

Battersea Bridge, London
B.O.S.S & Brick Slip Lintels

Private Dwelling Battersea Bridge • Architect Grafik • Contractor Linden Homes • Products Used B.O.S.S & Brick Slip Lintels

The Challenge

The Battersea Bridge development required masonry soffits on the underside of numerous long span floating parapet beams. The impressive five course deep bricked beams above each balcony provide a decorative/practical architectural feature, adding character to the facade, while also contributing protection from the elements. IG discussed solutions directly with the architect to determine a method of achieving the required depth of brick soffit. IG’s Brick on Soffit System (B.O.S.S) bolted to the underside of pre-installed masonry support.

The Solution

The deep brick soffits were achieved through both front and rear installations of B.O.S.S units. IG’s design enabled the contractor to install three courses from the front and two courses from the rear of the concrete beam, securing each unit to the pre-installed welded masonry support angles. IG’s interconnecting soffit system can accommodate any length of opening. The floating parapet beams varied in span, each requiring up to 5.5 meters of seamless brick soffit.

IG also designed brick slip lintels for achieving smaller masonry soffits above lower level window openings. The one-piece lintel solutions accommodated loading requirements and facilitated a three course deep brick soffit. The brick slip lintels are installed the same way as a standard lintel, providing a reduced requirement for specialist trades on-site. The new apartment development complimented the adjoining Edwardian building, linked by a glazed atrium to provide access between buildings. The brick selection transitioned beautifully to the light-textured red of the former Metropolitan Police Station, successfully combining two eras of architecture.