Artillery Row, London

Artillery Row, London
Brick Slip Columns Cills & Lintels

Architect Make Architects • Contractor 8Build

The Challenge

Comprising of 22 luxury apartments, Eight Artillery Row by LBS Properties is a building of tremendous architectural prowess. Located near the grandeur of Buckingham Palace and the Westminster Cathedral area, the building compliments its historical surroundings with elegance and prestige.

The project required the design and installation of 96 slender brick columns to be built along the recessed balconies. The architectural designs originally detailed in concrete did not provide structural stability, measuring 215mm wide by 400mm deep. IG Masonry Support needed to identify a steel support solution while remaining true to the aesthetics of the building. In addidtion, IG were also responsible for the manufacture of brick slip lintels and sills above and below the columns.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support designed a steel solution with a central post that utilised our patented punched steel formed to shape around each column, providing a suitable surface for bricks to be bonded. The bespoke handmade bricks sourced from a traditional factory in Leicester captured a timeless essence that seamlessly reflected the building’s historical surroundings.

The pattern of the brickwork, the mortar joints and every aspect of the installation process were carefully considered. The brick columns were manufactured off-site within a strict quality controlled environment weeks before requirement on-site. The contractor could then simply request the units when required and install with bolts top and bottom. The end result is stunning.

IG identified the need for a lightweight brick slip steel solution for this Art Deco refurb. The end result demonstrates a resounding level of craftsmanship and quality, creating exceptional detail to the balcony areas – exhibits the utilisation of a new age building technique whilst also remaining true to the aesthetic brickwork features of a bygone era. The accomplishments of the development at the Brick Awards are greatly rewarding and complimentary to all of our efforts. A great partnership.

Mark Richards, Managing Director, Litespeed Construction Systems Ltd.