57 Broadwick Street

57 Broadwick Street
B.O.S.S. & Brick Slip Soffit Panels

Developer Shaftesbury • Products used B.O.S.S. & Brick Slip Soffit Panels • Architect Rolfe Judd Architecture Ltd • Contractor Blenheim House Construction • Merchant EH Smith


57 Broadwick Street, the former Jaeger Headquarters, is situated in the heart of Soho on the prominent corner of Broadwick Street and Marshall Street. Built in the 1960’s the original building has undergone an £11 million remodelling and extension, evolving into a mixed use development which includes retail, restaurant, office and residential accommodation. The location of this project in the vibrant Carnaby Street area, which has always been at the forefront of emerging trends and popular culture, truly inspired the design of this project. IG Masonry Support was tasked with designing and manufacturing straight and curved B.O.S.S. units and deep soffit panels to achieve a range of deep tiled soffits, slender brick piers and tile and brick banding on the façades of the building.

The Challenge

Architecturally, the comprehensive reconstruction of this building presented multiple challenges when striving to achieve the architect’s vision. Rolfe Judd Architecture had rejuvenated the tired office block and completely remodelled the exterior of the building ensuring it was aesthetically pleasing and complimentary to the local streetscape within the Soho conservation area.

The original 1960’s façade was removed from the building, floorplates were extended and a new floor added at fourth floor level. Private terraces on four floors as well as full height glazing helped to deliver a contemporary facelift to the dated building. Italian bricks and tiles played an important part in the architect’s vision for this modern design, with the distinctive new façades incorporating a range of deep tiled soffits, slender brick piers and tile and brick banding spanning all the way around the building.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support worked closely with the architect and contractor to develop specialist masonry support solutions for the deep tiled soffits, brick piers, and the tile and brick banding. Achieving these details traditionally onsite, would have been a time consuming task requiring brick cutting and skilled labour.

The complex brick and tile banding that was achieved around the perimeter of the project highlights the engineering excellence and the offsite craftsmanship provided by IG Masonry Support. IG’s technical design team created a combination of straight and curved B.O.S.S. (Brick On Soffit System) units that effectively achieved both the soldier bond detail on the brick banding and the contrasting blue glazed tile banding located on the curved entrance façade. The Italian bricks and blue glazed tiles were collected from site and bonded to the B.O.S.S. units, this ensured the prefabricated components blended seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork completed onsite.

IG Masonry Support designed tile clad soffit panels for the 6 deep soffits in the façade. The prefabricated units were manufactured offsite and delivered complete with tiles bonded facilitating fast and efficient installation. The completed installation creates the stunning illusion of a floating deep blue glazed tile soffit that achieves a seamless transition between onsite and offsite building materials.
Utilising IG’s prefabricated components significantly increased the speed of installation of the intricate brick features in this project. This was critical for the contractor as the residential tower at the top of the development remained in occupation throughout construction works and this helped to ensure that the impact of the works on the residents was minimised.