55 Victoria Street, London

55 Victoria Street, London
Brick Slip Masonry Support
& Brick Slip Columns

Architect Pozzoni Architecture Ltd • Contractor SISK • Brickwork Contractor Lee Marley Brickwork

The Challenge

Typical of a central London development, the restricted storage on site and limited space to conduct the installation would influence the design of each component. IG needed to facilitate the re-cladding of the existing concrete and steel columns, providing an offsite solution delivered in manageable components. The complexity of dealing with an existing building and giving it a new façade required a solution with minimum components and maximum adjustability. The offsite feature brick columns needed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork, maintaining the intermittent glazed brick detailing throughout.

The Solution

IG designed a number of bespoke 6.5m tall brick slip columns, each consisting of 44 individual units that could be completed offsite, transported into London City Centre and lifted by hand into position. IG Masonry Support’s efficient delivery service ensured minimum storage was required on site, with each brick feature column delivered as required. IG followed a detailed architectural plan for the pattern of brick to ensure a seamless blend between the glazed bricks and the regular Petersen brick. In addition, IG incorporated a corbelled feature into the front elevation of each column. Produced in factory controlled conditions, weeks in advance, IG ensured no quality issues or down-time on site.

The installation process was executed with precision by Lee Marley’s brickwork team. The unique finish with a combination of charcoal fired bricks and glazed masonry looks stunning.

IG Masonry Support’s system for brick faced soffits are designed as lightweight and easy to fit, and can be simply aligned using a unique two-part system to create a flawless joint with the main brickwork façade – with no supporting steelwork left exposed.

Keith Da Costa, Commercial Director, Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd