Introducing the Innovative Keyfix Non-Combustible Cavity Tray range

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The new Keyfix NC range of Non-Combustible Stainless Steel Cavity Trays provides an innovative solution which is fully complaint with the requirements of Document B in regards to fire safety in the external cavities of buildings over 18m high with a steel frame inner leaf.

Designers and contractors alike are faced with the challenge of finding effective non-combustible solutions for cavity trays to replace the systems they have traditionally used to provide watertight protection above elements which cross the cavity such as masonry supports, soffit systems, fire barriers etc.

Uniquely, the Keyfix range includes non-combustible solutions for within the cavity and also a structural lintel with combined cavity tray providing a non-combustible solution for openings in the external leaf.

Download the brochure now for details of the full range of non-combustible cavity tray and lintel systems.


Innovative design

Now, IG have launched the innovative Keyfix NC range of cavity trays which are both highly effective in use and extremely efficient to install. The unique design of the stainless steel trays provides watertight protection across the cavity thanks to an interlocking upstand which requires no tapes or sealants to create a waterproof joint.

The interlocking design also forms an integral weep vent at both ends of every tray for effective drainage through the outer leaf and provides joint width adjustability of between 7-13mm. Additional non-combustible weep vents are available to place at 450mm centres on the longer trays in compliance with both building regulations and Document B fire safety requirements.

Produced entirely in a high-quality grade 304 austenitic stainless steel, this fit & forget system is designed to last the lifetime of the building.


Efficient installation

The new Keyfix NC range has been developed to meet the practical needs of brickwork contractors and requires no special skills on-site. The stainless steel trays are fully self-supporting, enabling single handed installation in the outer leaf, independent of the inner leaf, boosting efficiency for the brick layer. The self-supporting trays provide protection across the cavity, without the need to connect to the inner leaf. If required, the waterproofing membrane on the inner leaf can be lapped over the tray. A raised pattern on the tray’s base provides protection against the risk of a slip plane developing.

A full range of tray sizes and corner units are available to meet differing brickwork configurations and removes the need to cut, alter or modify trays on-site, unlike some alternative systems currently on the market. The Type 2 Tray option is also available for installations where a mechanical fix to the inner leaf is preferred.


Lintel Solution

The Keyfix NC range also includes a non-combustible structural load bearing single leaf lintel with combined cavity tray. The Keyfix NCCLT is a highly practical solution to the challenge of non-combustible cavity detailing, suitable for openings of up to 2822.5mm

The lintel features mechanically fixed stop ends to provide a watertight tray and its self- supporting design enables easy installation in the outer leaf in conjunction with a waterproofing membrane on the inner leaf.


For more details visit the Keyfix Product page, download the brochure or contact 01283 200 157