Lewes Road, Brighton

Lewes Road, Brighton
IG Brick Slip Cills & Heads

Residential Development Lewes Road, Brighton • Products used Brick Slip Cills & Heads • Architect Waugh Thistleton Architects • Contractor JSP Construction

The Challenge

Waugh Thistleton Architects’ impressive design provided IG’s technical team with an exciting challenge to create bespoke solutions for a range of brick cill and head returns. Capable of accommodating the gradual variation in curvature required, IG’s prefabricated bolt-up brick slip components proved a versatile method of achieving the brick detail within this unique design. Each prefabricated brick slip cill was also designed to support the reveal brickwork of the main facade, ensuring full structural support throughout each elevation.

The largest brick cill return detail featured beneath the outdoor roof terrace. Spanning the 3478mm opening with a 1072mm deep return, IG supplied two of these units to enable the contractor to achieve the large brick detail in a single lift. IG supplied standard stretcher-bond brick slip lintels where a brick slip head return was not required, continuing the running bond pattern of the main facade.

The Solution

IG’s easy to install solution quickly enabled the contractor to make the architect’s concept a reality. All cill and head units were supplied as a single-piece component and built into the brickwork of the main facade. Units were simply lifted into position and bedded into the mortar via four welded steel angles. The cill details were inclined at an 80-degree angle and the head detail to 160-degrees. IG received a consignment of the handmade BEA Polar brick type used on site and produced 7mm brick slips with which to bond to the steelwork of each unit, using IG’s BBA approved adhesive.

The cementitious building fabric contributes to the aesthetic attributes of this bespoke residential development, with elements of textural contrast achieved through material selection. The carefully sculpted brick returns create an alternating pattern throughout the facade, demonstrating Waugh Thistleton Architects’ experimentation with scale, form and texture. Designed to exploit natural light, the inclined brick detail directs sunlight through the window openings and into the building.